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Now, we're giving you answers. The LMN web app gives you a custom plan to follow and we teach you how to lose unwanted fat, improve performance or gain mass by counting macros on your own. Our new DIY macro web app is the first of it's kind, we guide you through the process step-by-step and educate you too. Not only does this tool have what you need to track progress and get results, you're empowered by learning along the way. Want to find out more? Keep scrolling or click the live chat button in the bottom right corner to talk to someone now. You can also email us or call us at (844) LEAN-NUT.  Our app is only $29 right now!



We provide you with tools, tips, and tricks that you won't find anywhere else.


proven, measurable, goal-oriented results

Choose between Fat Loss or Weight Gain. Set your own goals and reap the rewards of your hard work.

learn What, when, and how you should eat

We provide guidance on meal suggestions, tell you when to eat based on your workout routine, and tell you how much to eat based on your goals.

track your progress and continue to improve

Upload pictures, measurements, and bodyweight each week for comparison to see your tangible results.



what our users are saying:

“I’ve always been a healthy eater and very active but I could never find that sweet spot where everything, performance in the gym, confidence and weight, all clicked together. I was introduced to LMN by my best friend and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! This program isn’t easy but I fell in love with it quite quickly and it is 110% worth it!!” - Melissa (8lbs lost so far)

”After 1 week on the plan, I’ve lost 2 lbs and this morning’s workout I felt GREAT! My RECOVERY was much better. I’m at work feeling GREAT!” - Todd C.


The proof is in the progress! Check out these real results from actual Lean Machines.



A simple, custom macro plan

We use a scientific formula to calculate your specific macronutrient breakdown according to your goals. Counting calories will work but to see real results, you have to dial in your carbs, proteins, and fats. We will teach you everything you need to know. Let LMN take the guesswork out of it and give you accurate numbers and a program to follow based on your age, height, weight, gender, activity level, goals and lifestyle. We provide a custom plan that you can follow forever including meal suggestions! You are also able to update your personal information at any time to keep the macro plan up to date if anything changes from when you signed up. It is truly custom to you.


Customized meal timing & meal generator

Based on when you workout, for how long, and how often, we break down exactly how much you should be eating for each meal and provide random suggested meals that can help you reach your goals easier! We focus on pre-workout and post-workout meals to help you achieve better results. We also adjust the timing and macronutrient breakdown according to whether it's a workout day, rest day, or a re-feed day. Accelerate your weight loss and shed more body fat by not only eating the right things but also eating them at the optimal time of day.


Visual progress tracking

Measurements and weigh-ins are great, time-tested metrics for tracking progress but sometimes it's nice to actually see how far you've come. With our easy-to-use image uploader, you get a visual point of reference for your results in addition to the more traditional methods like measuring tape and scales.


In addition to the great features above, you also get the following:


Frequently asked questions

New to macros? Check out over 25 of the most commonly asked questions answered by our experts available to you at any time! 

ReaL-Time Chat

Questions or comments about the LMN app or your macro planYou get 24/7 access to our founder and nutrition expert via our convenient live chat feature. Think of us as your "pocket nutrition coach" that you can access at any time.


In addition to a suggested food list, we provide suggested meals to help you hit your macros even easier! If you don't like a food we provide, it is only one click away to get a new suggested food that will hit your macros! We also provide serving sizes if you are new to macros to make tracking more convenient.



Purchase the app for $29!

 There are absolutely zero in-app purchases and you can have access to our app for only $4.99 a month after you sign up(originally $20/month)! Don't miss this sale! Cancel at any time hassle free. Due to the front loaded information we do not issue refunds of the initial sign up fee.

For a limited time, get our App for only $29



We're just getting started. New features are in the works!

Take a look at what's around the corner:

We'll be rolling out these new features in the coming months and continue to upgrade our software included with your $4.99/month subscription.

  • Grocery list generated from the meals you choose for the week to make shopping even easier.
  • Maintenance phase for when you get to your goal weight you can maintain with a plan you trust
  • Keto macros for those of you who choose not to have carbs


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