Has anyone ever wondered what a high level athlete’s nutrition looks like on competition day? Well with the 2016 Games starting today here is your chance. We have the privilege of working with Brittani Russel on Team The CrossFit Squad. With the overwhelming number of events and lack of equipment for food prep, your nutrient timing and planning has to be on point. As you can see below everything is broken down from the moment she wakes until she passes out after each grueling day. Brittani will be staying in a hotel so she does not have access to a stove to cook proper meals. We have to take that into consideration when we are writing her nutrition plan. We are looking for items that are easily accessed and take minimum amount of prep.  When it comes to carbohydrates, baby food and carbohydrates supplements are some good substitutions. The carbs are spread out throughout her plan based on whether or not they are simple or complex carbs. We have an even distribution of protein and are consuming fats away from workouts due to the fact they slow down carbohydrate absorption. The goal is to keep her fueled and ready for every workout.


Games Week Nutrition Plan Brittani Russel

Taylor Smith, LMN Coach