Day1/Day 70

Day1/Day 70

Jesusa lost 10lbs and 6inches in the first 10 weeks of working with LMN and her journey to get here will inspire you.

"Like most of us, I took my health for granted until at the tender age of 38 I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. I was not a drinker so all my research told me it was my diet. I spent the last 4 years learning and adjusting my diet and exercise to address my medical issue. Somehow, no matter how much I tried though, I could not get my weight down and there were no significant changes with the condition of my liver. To be clear, I was never obese and I worked out 4-5 times a week. So again, my research said it must be my diet. I went vegetarian (worked but I couldn’t maintain it long term), I went paleo (lost weight but my liver was fattier than ever), and then honestly I just gave up. I figured I eat clean enough and if I continue to exercise, it will all sort itself out. Fast forward a few months from reaching that decision, I come across a Facebook post for Lean Machine Nutrition. I knew its founders from my experience with Crossfit. I knew personally they themselves were lean machines so for sure I was intrigued. But I was skeptical. Flexible dieting, macro counting… I had heard it before and had even downloaded an app to count my own macros and wasn’t seeing many changes in body composition or weight After a few days, I contacted Lindsey and to be honest my first question was how are you better than what I can get from downloading an app. Sounds rude and I’m glad Lindsey took the time to explain the process and I was in! The first few weeks were difficult! I was hungry, I was missing my numbers, I was out right frustrated. There were some days I literally cried thinking I can’t do this. But with every week, I saw changes in how I was feeling, how I was looking and meeting macros became second nature. Having unlimited access to your nutrition coach is a invaluable service and I am forever grateful to Lean Machine Nutrition. I have learned more than I can ever put in words. What I can put in words is that I am HEALTHY. The weight loss and physical changes are just by-products of this journey towards wellness. Thank you Lean Machine Nutrition. You have truly changed my life." -Jesusa


Before LMN (left)/ 70 day in (right)