6 months: down 8lbs, 2" off my chest, 1.5" off of my waist, and .5" off of my hips.

6 months: down 8lbs, 2" off my chest, 1.5" off of my waist, and .5" off of my hips.

I started counting my macros a little over 6 months ago and I want to share my progress.  I have lost 8lbs, 2inches off my chest, 1.5inches off my waist and .5inches off my hips.  I was worried I would lose my femininity if I lost body fat but overall I am really pleased with the subtle results.  I can’t remember the last time I had a “fat” day where my clothes didn’t fit and my constant struggle with bloating has diminished.  We all know that when a female is feeling confident, everyone is happy, right guys?  

I am eating about 1000 calories more and 3 times the amount of carbs than before I started.  My performance in the gym has skyrocketed and my relationship with food has improved drastically. I am stronger now than ever before even at a lower body weight and battling injuries.  Goes to show you that you don’t need to be “big” to be strong.  Nor do you have to gain weight to be stronger.  Although, if bigger is better for you I am not here to tell you otherwise, just sharing my personal story.  

I am no longer scared to eat worrying if I will gain weight. I have a plan that is usually pretty easy to stick to and this process has become second nature for me.  I have also become obsessed with the science behind counting macros and the knowledge associated with nutrition and how every human body is magnificently unique.   To fuel my passion, God has provided Team LMN 50 like-minded people who want to make a change  and I couldn’t be more privileged.  Nutrition is such a huge part of everyone’s life for different reasons and the way someone feels about their body and performance can impact their mood that day, or even that year as well as the people closest to them. 

 Flexible dieting allows me to have small indulgences without the guilt or worry of side effects.  I do admit that the majority of my food choices are very clean, organic whole foods.  I am not really a fan of “junk food” except maybe when I was a young teen and ate Cheetos and Welch's Grape pop everyday for dinner ;)  Anyways, my take on flexible dieting may be different than other people because it isn’t just about losing body fat for me, it is to make sure I am fueling my body properly, getting the micronutrients my brain and organs need to function efficiently and live the healthiest life I possibly can so my family doesn’t have to worry about me.  

To conclude my 6 month macro journey, my advice is that results don’t happen overnight if you are doing it the right way.  Body composition takes time, knowledge, awareness of food sensitivities and patience.  Stick to the program!