Thanksgiving is approaching and I want you to have a plan!  I am going to break my clients up into 4 categories for argument sake and let you decide how you should attack the Holiday.  Please choose your category or a combination and begin planning accordingly.


Type 1. “Portion control is my middle name”

Type 2. “My eyes are bigger than my stomach and I clean my plate(s) every time”

Type 3. “I was good until I had too many drinks”

Type 4.  “Desserts are my favorite part of any meal”


Type 1 tends to enjoy the social aspect of Holidays more than the actual food.  Sure, they enjoy tasting the different foods, and eat a decent meal but generally they stop when they are full.  They have learned over the years to portion out small amounts so they can taste more variety and never have room for a second plate.  They don’t feel guilty about leaving food on their plate because they know the feeling of being so full they can’t move isn’t worth it.  Type 1 most likely will count their food on Thanksgiving but are probably the ones that don’t need to if they want to enjoy a day off.  They have portion control down to a T and will not blow their macros.


Type 2 tends to starve themselves all day so they can make room for the feast they are about to smash.  They are so excited about the food that they take massive portions and go back for more even though they are full.  These people tend to eat fast so they can fit it all in because it is so darn good! I would say that this type of person needs to count all of their macros OR learn portion control over night.  Maybe a strategy here would be to count all of your macros leading up to the feast, keeping it high protein, low fat, low carb and then allowing yourself only one plate with small portions. Estimating portion sizes and inputting them into MFP is always better than just blowing your macros.  Do yourself a favor and make a commitment to stop eating when you are full if you aren’t weighing and measuring everything you are putting into your body. 


Type 3 likes food and booze equally.  They have a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail before dinner (or three) and are feeling good.  They eat just enough to soak up the drinks and feel satisfied.  Three drinks later they have eaten the last 7 slices of pumpkin pie or half a sweet potato casserole.  If this is you, I would plan a moderate amount of drinks, input them into myfitnesspal ahead of time and do not let yourself go over that number.  This is a magical number that will not leave you with the munchies and you are more likely going to stay on track. No one likes drunk Uncle Sam anyways so don’t be that “guy”.  Input all of your drinks ahead of time, track as much as you can,  and eye ball the rest if you aren’t in a place where you can weigh and measure. 


Type 4 eats well for dinner.  Fills his/her plate with mostly turkey and veggies but is not satisfied until they have tried every dessert.  If this is you, then you have to plan ahead.  Find out which desserts you are going to eat, input them into MFP to figure out how much other food you should allow yourself.  My guess is that fats and carbs will go pretty quickly so if all you are left with turkey, then turkey it is.  At least this way you can enjoy your favorite part of the meal without feeling guilty.  


    What it comes down to is portion control and moderation.  Gaining 5-10 lbs is not worth it for one day.  Feeling so full you can’t enjoy yourself, is not worth it.  If you are in a place where it may be rude to weigh and measure your food then strap on your moderation belt and track as much as you can throughout the day.  Take a walk to the bathroom and track the dessert you are about to eat.  If you have to estimate it, then do so but it is better to estimate than just say “screw it” and blow your macros all together. 


    You all have come too far to back track.  If you have any questions at all or need a detailed specific plan of attack then email me right away and I will help you!